AzTech: Empiric Empire – Teacher Cheat Sheet

Instructions and answers for students playing Empiric Empire

We understand that you won’t have time to play all 20 (and adding more each day) games in the 7 Generation Games catalog, so we’ve made you a cheat sheet. Below are answers to the most likely questions you’ll receive from your students on AzTech: Empiric Empire so you can look like a game whiz without actually having to play for hours.

General Questions

Game Play Frequently Asked Questions

Note: The questions are in the order they will come up in the game. Also, screen shots are included below, so if the student does not say “virus game” but shows you their screen, it should be pretty obvious.

How do I access the game?

You can access AzTech: Empiric Empire on iOS or Android.

How do students get a username and password?

Getting a username and password depends on whether or not the teacher / school wants access to data on minutes played and math standards mastered. Information on student data can be found on the data and reports page.

If you do NOT need access to student data

If students are playing in the summer as supplemental instruction and you don’t need access to the data on minutes played or math problems solved, students can select their own username and password. Any combination of letters and numbers can be used, but no spaces. To access the student data, he/ she will have to give you the username.

If you want to have access to your students’ data:

  • Teachers usually assign usernames/passwords to students. If your students use a special username for other programs used at your school, they can use that as long as the username is not already in use by another player. 
  • We can make a list of usernames and passwords for you. Contact us at Tell us how many students you need them for and we’ll send you a spreadsheet with usernames/passwords.

While students can make up their own usernames and passwords the first time they play a game, we don’t usually recommend this because when (not if) they forget neither we nor the teacher will be able to help them out.

Definitions, or “What does it mean if the word is in yellow?”

If you DON’T see a magnifying glass, just tap on a highlighted word to bring up a definition. This is for words that have a long definition. Tap the X in the corner of the page to return to the game.

Locked vault with text saying you need to go through intake
Long explanation of intake, with examples

If you DO see a magnifying glass on the screen, drag it over the word to see the definition pop up. Tap the definition for it to disappear.

Scene with magnifying glass

Game Play

How do I play the falling game ?

Platform gamer with head of game character
Falling up game

In this game, the character is falling down the screen. The object is to bounce your character UP on the platforms.  Tilt your phone or tablet right or left to bounce your player upward until you reach the year 2015.

I can’t get past the talking Aztec god-king in the first level.

If you tap on the hint, it will tell you to tap on the bushes. If you take on the bushes, they will roll away and you will see the hidden door.

How do I use the math problems in the first level to go on?

This game has math problems because you need to understand concepts like the rate at which people are being infected to become a Time Academy Agent. The first math challenge, a code , checks to see if the player has the basic math skills to play the game. If a player cannot divide , find a remainder or a 2-digit number divided by a 1 digit number, they won’t be able to solve any of the problems later in the game.

Use the answers to the three math problems to enter the 3 numbers of the combination lock on the next screen.

The code
combination lock
Combination lock

If students have forgotten the questions, when they are on the screen with the combination lock, they can click on the ? in the top right corner to see the math problem that gives the number you need. After they have typed in the correct number, for example, 7 for the first problem, they should click on SUBMIT. This box will turn green and a new box will appear.

How do I go on to the next level?

Complete Level Page

When you win a level , you will see a page with question marks. Tap the question to reveal the tile that shows you passed and an arrow will appear in the bottom right of the screen. Tap the arrow to go on to the next level.

Virus Game: Should I play on easy mode? How do I win?

The easy level is very easy. Pick this if you are not very good games at all. There are no viruses in the first room and very few viruses total. If you play games a lot you probably want to pick medium or hard modes.

Direction on how to play the virus game are given on the first 3 screens of that game. You use the joystick on the left side to move and the arrows on the right to shoot.

virus game instructions

The object of this game is to kill all of the viruses, get the key that unlocks the door, go up the stairs and exit to the next level. There is the key.

Joystick on left, arrows on right

Tap on MAP in the upper right corner of the screen to see a map of where you are in the game. Tap MAP again to go to the game screen.

Map. I am in the top right room. I need to go to the stairs – that grey block on the left.

Building the robot

Drag the pieces of the robot together to build it. When you have the piece in the right spot, it will click into place.

One of two robot models players can choose

Entering the data

In the search game, after finding each note , students tap on the robot. This will cause a keypad to popup, as shown below, to enter the data into his computer. They need to convert the number from a fraction to an equivalent decimal to enter it.

Lab search game after finding note and tapping robot

When the player taps SUBMIT, the key pad will either show “Correct” or “Incorrect”.

Finding the notes

If students can’t find notes in the search game, they can tap on the hint button. Tapping on the Show Notes button will briefly highlight all the hidden notes in red.

Click the yellow Show notes button to highlight the notes

In finding the notes game in level 6, tap the ? button on the bottom right of the screen to see the a list of notes you are supposed to find. Tap the ? again to hide the list and go back to searching for the notes