Minnesota Ag in the Classroom: Hidden Gems

At 7 Generation Games, we always like sharing resources that we love. This week we’d like to share a site we love, which is the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom site.

At first glance, it may not appear there is much here, but appearances are deceiving.

Virtual Field Trips Plus

Take the virtual field trips, for example. When we last checked the site there were 30 videos. You can sign up for a live virtual field trip during the school year or view the videos on YouTube afterward. Most of the videos have Curriculum Connections, like this one on a Mushroom Farm.

Resources with the Mushroom Farm video include:

  • Parts of a mushroom worksheet
  • Mushroom life cycle worksheet
  • An experiment growing mold that uses nothing more than a piece of bread and a Ziploc bag
  • Writing assignments at both the upper elementary and middle school level

Agriculture and Language Arts

Maybe every state has this? If you know, let me know because after reading this I am now motivated to visit every state’s Ag in the Classroom site.

Agriculture Terms Glossary – from aquatic to turf, it’s all here. One of my favorite creative writing activities as a student was when teachers would give us a dozen or so words that had to be included in a story or essay we wrote. This glossary can be used in that same way for a writing prompt.

Minnesota Ag Mag

There are SIX different magazines available, for grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-6. Minnesota teachers can order the print version for free. Anyone can access the magazine online.

Lessons and Recipes

Under the MN Harvest of the Month program section, you can find many K-12 lessons and recipes to use in the classroom.

The MN Ag in Classroom site provides many different resources and support to educators and that’s why it’s one of the sites we love.

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