Data and Reports

If you are just looking for the link to all of the reports, click here.

You’ll need the password you were given for the student data page to get access to the reports page.

If you need a step by step guide for registering as a teacher and seeing your students, check out this Google slides presentation.

All of the apps that allow connection to the Internet have reports.

These include:

  • AzTech Games Series – Meet the Maya and The Story Begins
  • Fish Lake
  • Forgotten Trail
  • Making Camp Series – Making Camp Premium, Making Camp Bilingual and Making Camp Lakota
  • Spirit Lake

If students are playing off-line and do not have a connection to the Internet, these data are not sent to our servers and thus will not be recorded. Thus, you should instruct students NOT to select the “Play offline option” if they are in an area with an Internet connection.

Student Data Reports Document Student Time on Task and Progress

The reports will show the number of questions students answered, a description of the question and whether or not students’ answer was correct. The description or activity name is similar to the standard assessed.

Partial Report Example from Making Camp Premium

The video below shows how to use the Teacher reports portal

How to use the Teacher Reports Portal

Setting up student usernames and passwords.

  • Teachers usually assign usernames/passwords to students. If your students use a special username for other programs used at your school, they can use that as long as the username is not already in use by another player.
  • We can make a list of usernames and passwords for you. Contact us at Tell us how many students you need them for and we’ll send you a spreadsheet with usernames/passwords.

While students can make up their own usernames and passwords the first time they play a game, we don’t usually recommend this because when (not if) they forget neither we nor the teacher will be able to help them out.