Games for Growing Math

Scenes from multiple games

Suite of Educational Games included in Growing Math

As part of the Growing Math project, you receive access to the entire 7 Generation Games catalogue of educational games teaching math combined with indigenous and Latin American history. All games are available in English, with select games also in Spanish, Lakota and Dakota.

Games for any device

As of January, 2021 we offer six games for Chromebooks, with two more coming this spring. We have nine iPad games for grades three through eight and one game for K-1.We have ten games playable on any Mac or Windows computer that includes both games playable on the web and those that can be directly installed on the computer.

To access the games for your device, click the appropriate link below. These pages are password protected, but the password you received will work on all three pages.

Games for Chromebook

Games for iPads

Games for Mac or Windows computer

If you have forgotten your password, email, let us know the name of your school and mention in the email you forgot your password.

Standards taught in each game

AzTech:The Story Begins – Grades 5-7 Mathematics Standards Taught

Fish Lake – Grades 3–5 Fractions Standards Taught

Forgotten Trail – Grades 4-6 Math Standards Taught

Making Camp Lakota – Grades 5-6 Math Standards Taught

Spirit Lake – Grades 2-6 Math Standards Taught