Making Camp Navajo Teacher Guide

Making Camp Navajo Teacher Guide


Have students login as a new player if it’s their first time playing the game. Students can create their own username and password, using any combination of letters and numbers, to enter the game and play.

Recommended: Email us at or to register your students’ usernames and passwords for you. Once registration is complete, your students can login as a returning player using their already registered username and password. 

Intro Activity – Photo Search

  • Instructions: Rose Nez dropped the photo album of her family photos. Help find all of the photos that she dropped. Click on a photo to pick it up. You may need to move other items that are in the way in order to collect all of the photos.
  • Earn money by finding all of the photos. You can use that money to purchase items for your hogan.

Main Menu

Game Activities

The activities are separated into sections: NUMBERSLIFE, and RANDOM. NUMBERS focuses on math challenges and LIFE focuses on cultural activities. Clicking RANDOM selects a random game to play from either the Numbers or Life section.

Click on NUMBERS or LIFE to be taken to the math or culture activities. You can choose RANDOM for a random activity.

Earning Points (or in this case, money)

Players collect money by playing activities from the NUMBERS and LIFE sections.

When students earn enough money, they can click on the shopping cart button at the bottom of the screen. They can shop for belongings to add to their home in the game. In Making Camp Navajo, their dwelling is a hogan.

Game Icons

Hogan Button – Use this button to go to your hogan.

Main Menu Button – Use this button to get back to the main menu.

Shopping Cart Button – Use this button to use your money to buy items for your hogan.

Help Button – Use the ? button to get help.

Money Tracker – This board shows how much money you have earned by completing activities.

Sign Out Button – Use this button to sign out of the game when done playing.


Activities in the Numbers Section

  • Ratio in Navajo Weaving – Learn about using ratios in Navajo weaving. Then play a game. To play the game, click on one of the two colored tiles next to the grid to select it as your fill pattern. Fill in the rug with the colored tile by either clicking a tile or dragging across several tiles. Press the Clear button to clear the entire grid. Click the Submit Answer button to see if your rug matches the given ratio. Fill in the rug for the given ratio.
  • Ratio Is Easier Than You Think – Learn about ratios using the example of farming. Then answer a question using ratios to answer a problem about feeding lambs in order to play a game where you click on lambs to feed them.
  • Blue Corn Mush – Learn how to make blue corn mush using ratios and either of your Grandma’s recipes. Then play a game where you catch blue corn mush in a bowl.
  • Become a Sheep Rancher! – Get your own sheep by practicing your skills on ratios and learn about sheep, lambs and ewes.
  • Ratios and Corn – Learn about ratios and farming, specifically ratios when it comes to growing corn. Then play a game where you get rid of corn borers from your corn so that it doesn’t get ruined.


Activities in the Life Section

  • Lots of Lambs – Learn about lambing season, feeding a lamb, and knowing ratios in order to feed a lamb. Then complete an activity where you drag facts about what you learned into a box labeled either TRUE or FALSE. Finally, play a game where you feed lambs by clicking on them.
  • Navajo Weaving – Learn about the history of Navajo weaving. Then design your own Navajo rug. In this activity, click on any space in the rug provided to color it in. Then click on the box under “Choose a Color” to change color. Click anywhere on the background to close the color choice box. Click erase to erase a color. Click erase again to go back to coloring. When you’re happy with your design, click Next Design to make another rug. Click the Menu Button to return to the Main Menu.
  • The Many Uses of Sheep – Learn about the different parts of a sheep and the uses of sheep by matching and dragging items to the part of the sheep from where it came.

Shop Using the Shopping Cart

Click on the shopping cart button to shop for items. Use the money earned to buy different items for your hogan.

Complete the activities to earn enough money to purchase items to decorate your hogan. When you want to buy an item, simply drag the item to the white bag to purchase it.

After you have purchased your items, click on the hogan button to go your hogan, move the items you’ve purchased around, and decorate it.

Click on the Sign Out Button when you are done playing.