Manipulatives/ Cards

Both research and our own experience have shown that some children learn better when there is a physical component to learning. We provide both physical objects, like cards, for learning as well as virtual manipulatives.


Augmented Reality Apps

Not sure how augmented reality apps work? Take a peek here. These apps will work on any iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet. Use in your classroom or assign to students at home.

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Math: The Universal Language AR

Learn multiplication using augmented reality – in English and Spanish! Forget about boring flashcards. Simply hold the app over the game cards and see the numbers and problem solutions appear as 3D images. Cards can either be printed or used on a second device.  Download flashcards here.

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Math: The Universal Language Lakota

Under construction! When it comes back, it’ll be better than ever before!

Math the Universal Language Lakota

In this first of its kind augmented reality app in English and Lakota, tradition meets tech in this engaging new way to learn. Numbers spring to life in English and Lakota to practice multiplication and learn numbers in two languages! Press on the language button to hear the numbers and multiplication problems said and solved aloud in English or Dakota. Plus, cards include extra 3D bonus scenes with fun, interactive surprises. Download flash cards here for Making Camp Lakota.

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Tradition meets tech in this engaging new way to learn. Numbers spring to life in English and Dakota using this augmented reality app to practice division and learn numbers in two languages! The app is the first ever AR app to combine math and the Dakota language. Download flashcards here.

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No, there is not an Android version.

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Flash Cards for Multiplication Terms

The result of two or more numbers together is the product.

Flash cards with eight multiplication terms; factor, product, associative property of multiplication, commutative property of multiplication, distributive property of multiplication, identity property of multiplication, zero property of multiplication and multiply by 10.

Link for those WITHOUT two-sided printing. Students cut out the cards and fold down the middle.

Link for those WITH a printer that does double-sided printing. Just print out one sheet and have your students cut out the cards. The definition will be on the back.

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Animal Idioms Matching Activity

Sets of Animal Idioms to be matched with their meanings.

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Link for Match the Idioms Google slides document.

Link for the answer key.

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Parts of Speech Flash Cards

Set of eight flash cards for elementary-level language arts. Download as a PDF file.

Link for Parts of Speech Flash Cards (Black and white, double-sided)