Asynchronous Training

Asynchronous Training

Introduction to Training

Welcome to our asynchronous (self-paced) training option for Growing Math! Perhaps you’ve read our Getting Started page and thought it would be great to join a Growing Math training, but the scheduled training sessions were at times that didn’t work for you. It happens. We know that educators are extremely busy. With that in mind we created an asynchronous training option for our Growing Math training. Educators, now you can complete Growing Math training on your own time and pace.

Watch videos that focus on the content we go over in our live Growing Math training and then answer questions. Our Growing Math asynchronous training is that simple and the best part is that you can do it on your schedule. Watch the video below to see how to complete our asynchronous training and then you can get started. Or not, it’s up to you when to start. That’s the point!

Growing Math Asynchronous Training

The Growing Math asynchronous (self-paced) training forms are below. Click on a form, enter your email (use the same email throughout the entire training), watch the video, and then answer the questions. When you have completed a form, you will receive a copy of your answers to your email address and then you can move on to the next form in the training. If you complete only one form at a time and forget where you left off, you can always check your email to see the last form’s responses that you received. A quick tip to see which form’s responses you were last sent is to search your email inbox for The name of the form you completed will always be included in the form responses. So if you completed the “Data Reports” form, form #6, and that’s the last form responses that you received in your email, then you know that you can move on to the “Search Feature” form, form #7. Once you complete all 10 forms below, you are done with Growing Math asynchronous (Self-Paced) training.

Asynchronous Training Forms

1. “Getting Started”Click Here to Go to the Form

AnnMaria De Mars provides an overview of the Growing Math teacher program

2. “Lesson Plans – General Overview”Click Here to Go to the Form

Christy Hanson delivers an overview of Growing Math lessons.

3. A Lesson Plan of Your Choosing: 3a. OR 3b. Below

3a. “Elementary School Math Lesson”Click Here to Go to the Form

Diana Sanchez presents a math lesson plan. She tells you what’s in the lesson, which includes gameplay.

3b. “Middle School Math Lesson”Click Here to Go to the Form

AnnMaria demonstrates a lesson that uses virtual manipulatives.

4. “Elementary ELA Lesson”Click Here to Go to the Form

Christy Hanson gives you an overview of 3 ELA lessons on literacy with video game integration for skill practice.

5. “Usernames & Passwords and Accessing Our Games”Click Here to Go to the Form

Get Growing Math games ready for your students. They need usernames and passwords. Then see how you can access our games.

6. “Data Reports”Click Here to Go to the Form

Here is how to access your teacher reports and see student data. Diana demonstrates all the features.

7. “Search Feature”Click Here to Go to the Form

Here’s how to search for lessons on our website.

8. The Learning Management System (LMS) of Your Choosing – 8a. OR 8b. Below

8a. “Growing Math with Google Classroom”Click Here to Go to the Form

Learn to assign a video, copy Google slides, send students a game link or conduct a class activity.

8b. “Using Growing Math with Schoology”Click Here to Go to the Form

Learn how to add Making Camp Premium to your Schoology as a resource that you can add to any course.

9. “Using Growing Math Games with Students with Special Needs”Click Here to Go to the Form

From non-readers to high school students who are a few years below grade level in math, AnnMaria goes over ways to use 7 Generation Games to accommodate special needs in your classroom.

10. “Play our Games”Click Here to Go to the Form

View a short video on one of our games, play one of our games for 20 minutes, and leave the username you created and used to play. Also, leave us any feedback!

You have completed our Growing Math Asynchronous (Self-Paced) Training.