Making Camp Dakota Teacher Guide

Making Camp Dakota Teacher Guide


Have students login as a new player if it’s their first time playing the game. Students can create their own username and password, using any combination of letters and numbers, to enter the game and play.

Recommended: Email us at or to register your students’ usernames and passwords for you. Once registration is complete, your students can login as a returning player using their already registered username and password. 

Intro Activity #1

  • Instructions: Help Albert find his shoes so that he can go to the powwow. Click on the matching pairs of shoes to collect them. Make sure to collect the shoes on top first. Use the hint in case you need help.
  • Earn money by matching all of the shoes. You can use that money at the powwow.
  • Then find out more about powwows through a video.

Intro Activity #2

  • Instructions: Find Albert by finding all of his stuff. Use the list of items to find to search for them. Use the hint button if you forget what to look for.
  • Once you find all of Albert’s items, you’ll find Albert, and earn more money.

Main Menu

Game Activities

The activities are separated into sections: NUMBERS, LIFE, and RANDOM. NUMBERS focuses on math challenges and LIFE focuses on cultural activities. Clicking RANDOM selects a random game to play from either the Numbers or Life section.

Click on NUMBERS or LIFE to be taken to the math or culture activities. You can choose RANDOM for a random activity.

Earning Points (or in this case, money)

Players collect money by playing activities from the NUMBERS and LIFE sections.

When students earn enough money, they can click on the powwow button in the lower left corner of the screen. They can shop for belongings to add to their home in the game. In Making Camp Dakota, their dwelling will be a camper at the powwow since the game takes place in modern times at a powwow.

Powwow Button

Note: Some LIFE modules will not yield money, such as the beadwork activity in Making Camp Dakota.

Game Icons

Use this button to go shopping at the powwow.

Use this button to go back to the main menu.

The board shows how much money you have earned by completing activities.


Activities in the Numbers Section

  • The Buffalo Hunt – Learn about the Buffalo Hunt and practice division using 3 digit dividends and 2 digit divisors. A hint button and notepad are provided for help. Then go on a buffalo hunt by clicking on the buffalo before it gets away.
  • Horses & Our History – Learn about horses and their role in many Indigenous societies while practicing division using 3 digit dividends and 1 digit divisors. Solve division problems to receive a horse and name it, feed your horse, and more. A notepad is provided for any calculations.
  • The Girl Who Saved the Village – Learn about the story of Tasina, the girl who saved the village, as you solve division problems.
  • Herbs as Medicine – Solve division problems using 2 digit dividends and 1 digit divisors by dragging the correct number of flowers (used as medicine) to the basket.
  • Find Your Cousins – Help Vienna and Clayton find their cousins, Albert and Willow. Get your character through the powwow grounds to find them. Roll the dice and solve division problems to advance.
  • Camper, Sweet Camper – Calculate the area of a rectangle or a square in order to fix different things on your camper.
  • Visit to the Berry Patch – Learn about work in the berry patch and solve a division problem. Then find your sister’s doll somewhere behind one of many bushes. Choose your difficulty, which determines the amount of tries you receive. Then click on a bush to see what’s behind the bush. The number behind the bush will tell you how many bushes the correct bush is from that spot. Use the numbers to figure out which bush the doll is behind. Use the hint button for help.
  • Buffalo Tic Tac Toe – Learn about the role of boys in Dakota life. Then practice your division skills to hunt buffalo in Buffalo Tic Tac Toe. Enter the the remainder of three division problems correctly in a line horizontally, vertically, or diagonal to win.


Activities in the Life Section

  • In the Winter – Learn about the Dakota in the winter and how they managed the cold. Drag correct facts to the fire to keep warm. Replay the video if needed. Then play the Gathering Firewood maze. Navigate using the arrow keys or by clicking on the direction pad. Find your way back to your tipi, collecting as much wood. Make sure to watch out for rocks and thin ice. If your health or wood points get down to 0, you’ll lose and have to start over. Most importantly, don’t get caught by the bear!



thin ice

  • The Story of Standing Rock – Learn about the story of Standing Rock. Then drag sentences to the basket labeled TRUE if it correctly describes the Standing Rock story or to the basket labeled false if the sentence is incorrect.
  • The Girl Who Lived Among the Wolves – Learn about the story about the girl who lived among the wolves. Then play a puzzle game. Choose your difficulty, which determines the number of pieces in the puzzle. Choose if you want to rotate the puzzle pieces. Solve the puzzle by dragging the puzzle pieces on the right to the puzzle board on the left. Place the puzzle pieces in the correct order to make a picture. If you chose to rotate the puzzle pieces at the beginning of the game, you can rotate them to place the puzzle pieces correctly by using the Clockwise and Counterclockwise buttons. Use the Hint button to see what the final puzzle picture looks like and learn a fact about the image. Use the Back button to return to the puzzle after viewing the hint.
  • Traditional Uses of Plants – Learn about cattle guards and what they are used for to get some extra money. Then watch a video to learn about different types of plants and their uses. Match the herb to its use to earn more money for the powwow. Replay the video if needed.
  • Beadwork – Learn about different tribes’ beadwork. Then players can explore and enjoy some creative time. Players can use the design provided to make their own geometric designs using any colors they wish, change the design and create a completely new design, and once done they can take a screenshot to share digitally or print out to hang up or keep.
  • The Afterlife – Learn about the Dakota and the Afterlife. Then answer questions correctly using the information provided in the video. Replay the video if needed.

Shop at the Powwow

Click on the powwow button to shop at the powwow. Use the money earned to buy jewelry, food, and gifts at the powwow.

Click on the “Buy Jewelry” button. Then click on the jewelry table and drag the items you want to buy into the white bag. The amount of money for each item will be subtracted from the amount of money you earned.

Click on the “Buy Food” button. The menu of food items available at the powwow will appear. Click on the food items that you want to buy. The price for each item will be subtracted from the amount of money you earned.

Click on the “Buy Gifts” button. The items available for purchase will appear. Drag the items you want to buy into the white bag. The amount of money for each item will be subtracted from the amount of money you earned.

Click on powwow button if you want to go back and purchase items from a different category.

Accessing the Items You Purchased

Click on the camper to access the items you purchased.

Click on Tasina to view the jewelry items you purchased. Use the green up arrow to view your jewelry and place it on Tasina.

Click on the picnic table to view the food items you purchased. Use the green up arrow to view your food and place it on the picnic table.

Click on the RV to view the gifts you purchased. Use the green up arrow to view the gifts and place them in your RV to decorate it.