Random candy sampler

Virtual Manipulatives

Graph Paper in Google Drawings

Students can use Google drawings to move boxes on a graph paper to create charts. This video gives instructions on creating bar charts with drawings.

Plain graph paper, unlabeled.

Graph paper with decimal and fraction labels on Y axis, 16×16 squares.

Random Sample Simulators


Activities using fruit, candy and other objects for teaching fractions, decimals and probability are great, but what if you don’t have time/ forgot to pick up those fun-size bags of candy at the store? We’ve got you covered.

Random sample for fractions to convert to decimals – This page generates four random numbers from a bag of 12 pieces of candy for red, green, yellow and purple candy. Students can check their conversion from fraction to decimals by clicking the CHECK button.

Random sample of fruit and probability – Students set the number of each type of fruit in a basket of 20 fruits. They then pull from the basket and are given the probability of selecting the type of fruit they have chosen.